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Sales Force Development (SDFC)

Marketing Capabilities
Campaign : Channel for advertising products or business
Lead : A person that shows interest in your business
Contact : Actual Customer
Account  : Company associated with Contact

Sales Capabilities
Opportunity : Shows revenue of your company for each individual Account with products.
PriceBook : Pricebook for each product.

Service Capabities
Case : To log a case manually,through website.
Solution : Browse the solution for each case.

Standard Features

  • Task and Activities For each Lead and Contact, Task and Activities are included to follow up with them.
  • Web to Lead or Web to Case : Lead or Case can be imported into SFDC through web channel.
  • Workflow : A list of action item will be performed based on certain conditions.
  • Field update : Field of the record can be updated.
  • Email Alert : Email will be sent to particular recipient.
  • Outbound message : Real time integration with third party.
  • A list of fields can be sent to third party through WSDL provided by third party.
  • Task : A task is assigned to owner of record.
  • Salesforce Outlook integration : If mail will be sent to lead or contact through outlook, then it will be tracked into SFDC.
  • Batch Integration : At particular time of interval, records may be inserted/updated into Salesforce automatically.
  • Security : There are mainly 3 types of Security.
  • Object Security : A user can see object based on object wise security.
  • Field Security : A field of records is visible based on field security.
  • Record Security : A record is visible based on Role of user.
  • Admin Security features can be handled by Profile and Role.
  • Also, Custom page can be created based on requirement using Visualforce page.
  • Customization can be done based on record inserted or updated using trigger.
  • Web site can be developed using HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, VF page, Apex class.
  • Note that these are basic functionalities of SFDC but there are many more functionalities are available and any customization can be done based on requirements provided that there is no limitations of SFDC.
  • Integration with Salesforce to third party system is also possible.


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