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jQuery DevelopmentIn the current era of web development people are more interested in getting more dynamic and user interactive web pages. The old age of flash based animation has gone. Developers love to use JavaScript and DOM scripting for user interactivity and dynamism as JavaScript is lighter than using flash. Using traditional JavaScript sometime may cause trouble to the users accessing the webpage, especially if accessed with a browser that does not support JavaScript. Sometimes browsers react for the same javascript in a different way, if the script has not been written in a proper way, keeping mind the cross browser interoperability.

jQuery is one of the most promising lightweight JavaScript framework. jQuery is perfect and ideal to overcome these issues. jQuery is simple and easy to understand and it is completely cross browser compatible. DOM scripting becomes easy and perfect using jQuery development. Even people looking for web development also ask the developers for jQuery development services.

It is always a good practise to write JavaScript in such a way that it does not interfere with the (x)html or css. It is called “unobtrusive DOM scripting”. In this practise we never write inline javascript, instead we create external javascript file and attach various events to various dom elements run time and jQuery makes this easy.

jQuery development not only solves cross browser issue it does also have a huge library of plugins. That means, if using jQuery in a web page, one can grab some nice read made jQuery Plugins and put them on the web page to produce some high end user interactivity, animation or effects. As these plugins are readily available, it reduces the development time and thus cost. There are lots of daily used plugins like News Ticker, Sliders and Tickers, Image Gallery etc. are available readily in jQuery plugin library.

So we suggest that while you are planning to get your website developed, always ask if the developers will be using jQuery for dom scripting.

We provided the following for our jQuery development services

  • jQuery Plugin Development
  • jQuery Bug Fixing
  • jQuery Slide Show Development

We have a small team of highly experienced JavaScript developer with superior knowledge of jQuery. Shoot us a mail to consult with our jQuery developers for your website development.


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